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The National Film Video Censors Board is the regulatory body set up by Act No.85 of 1993 to regulate films and video industry in Nigeria. The Board is empowered by law to classify all films and videos whether imported or produced locally. It is also the duty of the Board to register all films and video outlets across the country and to keep a register of such registered outlets among other functions such registered outlets among other functions across the country and to keep a register of such registered outlets among other functions.

The functions of the Board are:
1.To license a person to exhibit films and video works,
2.To license a premises for the purposes of exhibiting films and video works,
3.To censor and classify films and video works;
4.To regulate and prescribe safety precautions to be observed in licensed premises;
5.To regulate and prescribe safety precautions to be observed in licensed premises;
6.To regulate and control cinematographic exhibitions; and
7.To perform such other functions as are necessary or expedient for the full discharge of all or any of the functions conferred on it by this Decree. The establishment of the Board therefore empowers it to assess, classify and register films and video works and the film outlets across the country monitor the films and film outlets.

As priority intervention mechanisms, the Board has delineated additional action items to:
1.Organize training programmes focusing on new content development, aimed at institutionalizing international best practices in film production.
2.Organize international conferences on film censorship/classification: impact on society and development.
3.Draft and successfully implement new national distribution policy to transform the industry and ensure increased independent productions get access to the market.
4.Launch new censorship and classification guidelines to aid filmmakers, and professionalize NFVCB operations.
5.To regulate and prescribe safety precautions to be observed in licensed premises;
6.Ensure wider community acceptance and confidence in our classification decisions.
7.Increase monitoring and enforcement activities to curb release of such movies into the market without NFVCB approval.
8.Institute stringent sanctions for such violations.
9.Institute reward mechanisms for the production of “positive” themed movies, such as advance production grants, lower censorship charges for advocacy movies, etc.

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TASY YACT MEDIA (a subsidiary of Tasy Yact Limited), duly registered as a professional media support agency. A multi-pronged creative community that specializes in advert concept generation, audiovisual packaging, scripting, publications and bulk printing from-start-to-delivery; and product print packaging.

We also design BTL marketing communication package, unconventional marketing scheme, brand designing illustration/positioning, branding, outdoor advertising, sales promotion, and industrial photography: As a creative intelligence community, we conceptualize, design and drive unconventional marketing communication concepts that enhance the projection of brands, products and services; we also design and execute SNW-(social network marketing) and Community Development Projects (CDP). TASY YACT MEDIA is a one-stop-creative community.

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Nigerian Film Corporation produces and distributes Nigerian films. Its services include film archiving, training/research, co-productions, equipment rentals, consultancy, productions, industry support/promotions, and film commission services.

The company's functions include production of films for domestic consumption and export; establishment of maintenance of facilities for film production; production of Nigerian films through financial and other forms of assistance; encouragement of the development of cinematograph theatres by Nigerians by way of financial and other forms of assistance; acquisition and distribution of films; and the establishment and maintenance of national film archives....

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LEGACY EMPIRE MEDIA (LEM) is a media company that provides invaluable celebratory journalism and positioning for the marketing and management of visual art products, entertainment, brands, products and creativity globally. Through her gamut of experience and wide network affiliations in Africa and the Western world, LEGACY EMPIRE deploys dexterity in every business commitment to achieve set target and strategic objectives that proffers excellent services in the print media sector, and ROI (return on investment) for entities, brands, products and creative proclivity. LEM vast experience in delivering services can only be define to be a one-stop-shop, as it is a multi-pronged creative community that specializes in designing platforms that communicates, manages and markets, promote and brands. LEGACY EMPIRE MEDIA is a subsidiary of the mother body - LEGACY EMPIRE MANAGEMENT (LEM).

Her commitment to success in her services is rooted in creating innovations that exudes unmatched performance in communicating, marketing and managing brands, products and creativity globally, because her vision is to provide quality services that places premium value on creative properties, products and brands.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYIn 2008, I-FOCUS PLANE ONE LTD was registered as a limited liability company RC. 937188, to further expand the entertainment and filmmaking ecosystem by looking for creative new ways to do old things.  Over the years, we have set standards for achievements in the filmmaking/entertainment industry; as we believe that the best way to achieving creative exceptionality, is by creating exceptional opportunities.OUR VISION: is to focus on youth empowerment in entertainment and filmmaking; and branding as the preferred content-warehouse that promotes brands, products and services. Inspite of our avid dedication for high quality production and entertainment programs that proffers prompt Customer-Service delivery, we run a commuinty that transmits sense-of-warmth, friendliness and integrity


  1. We strongly believe in youth reorientation and empowerment
  2. We strongly believe in visual communication through entertainment and filmmaking.
  3. We strongly believe in empowering youths to become world renown filmmakers.

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BESTSEAL SERVICES is an entity duly incorporated with Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission to provide unmatched services that meet courier, logistics & supply chain challenges: and it’s poised to offer the best form of services in entertainment industry, brand & event marketing. BESTSEAL SERVICES brings to the fore a wealth of over a decade experienced personnel of seasoned transmission processes ranging from supply chain and outsourcing strategies through manufacturing, distribution and total logistics. With these in focus, BESTSEAL SERVICES also provides adequate and dependable delivery services both locally and internationally with high level security and economic-value event packaging.

OUR VISION : To be the number one choice service provider in Nigeria through Integrity, Satisfaction of my customers thus giving them a good Smile.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT : Best Seal services will offer for the most efficient courier, logistics & supply chain challenges and the most affordable and qualitative services in entertainment industry, brand & event marketing

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Ei Consulting was founded in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. In October of 2015, we successfully registered and obtained permission to do business in Nigeria as Ei Consulting Limited. We retain system engineers with experience supporting over 400 theological seminaries, K12, colleges, universities and corporate institutions in the U.K, Netherlands, Switzerland, U.S.A and Malaysia. Ei Consulting Limited specializes in providing quality e-Learning solutions to both corporate and educational institutions to meet their strategic learning and training objectives. Ei Consulting Limited has assisted numerous institutions with feasibility studies; planning for and eventually adopting and deploying eLearning technologies. Let us assist you with migrating your paper assignments, exams, lecture/lesson notes into a digital platform with an easy to use interface.

Ei Consulting Limited supports the leading virtual learning environment or learning management system software in use across the globe – Moodle, Blackboard, and Google Classroom. Depending on your needs we have a number of both free and paid software available.