Strictly on InvitationSunday 5th November 2017SpeechThe Importance of Training in the Emerging African Entertainment IndustryDuring the Gala NightEko HotelAlh. Adedoyin Thomas DG, National Film and Video Censor Board.
Strictly on InvitationSunday 5th November 2017SpeechModern Trends in Cinematography that enhances Film-Making, Africa Film, Economy and National GDPDuring the Gala NightEko HotelDR. Chidia Maduekwe MD, Nigeria Film Corporation
Strictly on InvitationSunday 5th November 2017Event OpeningGala Night6pmEko Hotel

DAY 1Mon 6th Nov 2017Training136/01Training on the Use of ARRI Camera, Light and Lens9am - 12noonMUSONARRI
DAY 1Training136/02The Importance of Light in Film Production 9am - 12noonCity Mall 1Alex Gansallo
DAY 1Training 136/03Production Design & Art Direction9am - 12noonCity Mall 2Prince Kojo Hilton
DAY 1Training136/04Basic Camera Handling9am - 12noonUNILAGDavid Otshepeng
DAY 1Training 136/05Modern Techniques in Lightning, Sound and Set Designing as it affects Story Telling in Cinematography9am - 12noonCity Mall 3Dr. Alphonsus Orisayemi
DAY 1Training136/06Training on the Use of ARRI Camera, Light and Lens2pm - 5pmUNILAGARRI
DAY 1Training136/07How to Stand-Out as an independent Film Maker2pm - 5pmMUSONAlex Gansallo
DAY 1Training136/08Basic Camera Handling2pm - 5pmCity Mall 1David Otshepeng
DAY 1Training136/09Dynamics of Shooting a Film: A DOP perspective2pm - 5pmCity Mall 2Gadea Kotee
Day 1Training136/10Cinematography Technique and how this Shape the Audience Understanding of a Select Film2pm - 5pmCity Mall 3DR Yinka Smart Babalola
Day 1Training136/11Production Design & Art Direction2pm - 4pmBarigaPrince Kojo Hilton
Day 2Tues. 7th Nov. 2017Training136/12Training on the Use of ARRI Camera, Light and Lens9am - 12noonMUSONARRI
Day 2Training136/13Production Design & Art Direction9am - 12noonUNILAGPrince Kojo Hilton
Day 2Training136/14Cinematic Techniques of Sound & Production Design9am - 12noonCity Mall 1Radebe Sicelo
Day 2Training136/15The Visual Story Telling9am - 12noonUNILAGProf Hygenius Ekwuazi
Day 2Training136/16Drama Production & Directing for Film9am - 12noonUNILAGAkin Lewis
Day 2Training136/17The Importance of View Finder in Cinematography9am - 12noonCity Mall 3Bode Babalola
Day 2Training 136/18Training on the use of ARRI Camera, Light and Lens2pm - 5pmUNILAGARRI
Day 2Training136/19Make-up & Special Effect For Film & Stage2pm - 5pmCity Mall 1Funke Olowu
Day 2Training136/20Production Design & Art Direction2pm - 4pmBarigaPrince Kojo Hilton
Day 2Training 136/21Modern Techniques in Lightning, Sound and Set Designing as it Affects Story Telling in Cinematography2pm - 5pmCity Mall 2Dr Aphonsus Orisayemi
Day 2Training 136/22Camera that Suits2pm - 5pmUNILAGFrank Macauley
Day 2Training 136/23Dynamics of Shooting Film : A DOP Perspective 2pm - 6pmMUSONGadea Kotee
Day 2Training 136/24Make-up Technique for Film & TV2pm - 5pmCity Mall 3Prof. Chukwuma Okoye
Day 3Wed, 8th Nov 2017Training 136/25Basic Camera Handling9am - 12noonCity Mall 1David Otshepeng
Day 3Training 136/26The Importance of Light in Film Production9am - 12noonUNILAGAlex Gansallo
Day 3Training 136/27Film Directing9am - 12noonCity Mall 2Teco Benson
Day 3Training 136/28The Power of Imagination in Story Telling9am - 12noonBarigaDr. Tunde Bakare
Day 3Training136/29Methodology For Costuming for Film & Stage Act9am - 12noonCity Mall 3Prof Chukwuma Okoye
Day 3Training 136/30Cinematic Technique of Sound & Production Design2pm - 5pmCity Mall 1Radebe Sicelo
Day 3Training 136/31The Power of Imagination in Story telling2pm - 5pmCity Mall 2Dr. Tunde Bakare
Day 3Training 136/32Film Directing2pm - 5pmUNILAGTeco Benson
Day 3Training136/33Fashion Design for Film/Stage Production2pm - 5pmCity Mall 3Kingsley Nwosu
Day 3Training136/34Hands on Training2pm - 5pmBarigaSIFTI Team
Day 4Thurs, 9th NOV 2017Training136/35Re-Creative Intervention in Modern Production and Broadc asting Programming9am - 12 noonCity Mall 2Dr Iyabo Ajibola
Day 4Training136/36Production Design and Art Direction9am - 12noonCity Mall 3Prince Kojo Hilton
Day 4Training 136/37Economics of Acting9am - 12noonCity Mall 1Makinde Adeniran
Day 4Training136/38Economics of Acting2pm - 5pmCity Mall 1Makinde Adeniran
Day 4Training136/39Audience Perception of Film Style & Technique in New Nollywood2pm - 5pmCity Mall 3Dr Yinka Smart Babalola
Day 4Training136/40Dynamics of Editing & Post Production2pm - 7pmCity Mall 2Chris Fasipebi
Day 5Fri. 10th Nov. 2017Round Table136/41Nollywood is Sick! Which Way Forward12noon - 5pmMUSON
Day 5136/42Fashion for Film on Runway6pmEko Hotel
Day 6Sat 11th Nov. 2017Closing!Closing!!Closing!!!
Strictly on Invitation136/43Concert/Award Nite6pmEko Hotel