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AFRICA CINEMATOGRAPHY FESTIVAL (ACF) A Training Conference; Production Design Enhancement Training; Practical Workshop, Rallying-point For Networking; Exhibition Of Modern Audiovisual Technology Equipments And Expo Extras. AFRICA CINEMATOGRAPHY FESTIVAL (ACF) is an annual 6day conference for Training and a rallying point for Nigerian/African University Students, would-be young entrepreneurs, filmmaking industry players, stakeholders and interested participants. It is a training program for exceptional professional development in filmmaking, IT management in film production, acting, film marketing, producing, directing, artist directions, DOP, production designing, props management, film editing, choreography, light designing, costuming, makeup artistry, gaffers/grip, location management, continuity, film investment, interest viewers, and a platform for networking. As this will create and foster a platform where people are trained, knowledge is transferred, young entrepreneurs in entertainment are churned-out, people connect, dreams come alive and entertainment generates employment and income for Nigeria/Africa annually.

ACF is also a beneficial training conference and market platform for exceptional professional development in film-making, networking, and business opportunities to filmmakers, actors, film marketers, industry professionals, investors, viewers, cinema/studio owners/managers, organized private sectors, government arts agencies and funding agencies. The festival will parade people from all over Nigeria, Africa and from the Western World come alive annually

ACF is designed to be a rallying point annually in Africa, where all stakeholders, film Executive-Producers, racketeers, consumers, manufacturers of video-cameras/still cameras, producers, DOPs, actors, costumiers, makeup artists, continuity, gaffers, set designers, location managers, grips, choreographers, artistic directors, props managers, sound managers, editors, musicians, special effects/animators and well-wishers will be meeting and networking: it will be best known as an event where corporate-brands will meet with film-makers, producers, script-writers and actors; where foreign video-camera producing companies will be unveiling their latest camera products and technologies; where content producers will find buyers; where marketers will meet producers; film makers and actors will have a conference session; where studio/cinema owners/mangers will meet with film producers: and it will be a massive show-floor dedicated to evolving future film-makers for cinemas, television, open-market video-sales/distribution, short-movie producers, exhibitions and much more.

Objective: To inspire and train for film-making, and generate young entrepreneurs in the arts and entertainment industry; proffering a great platform for film business economy; becoming a rallying point for networking and film economy enhancement in Africa, marrying filmmakers and stakeholders to corporate brands, financiers and content buyers. Also, to showcase and promote modern technology in film-making; promote the sustenance/patronage of cinemas and studios; and to champion a channel of acquiring modern technology for audiovisual and still coverage with a plan. Values: to foster and create an environment where young entrepreneurs are introduced, people connect and dreams come alive annually

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