AFRICA INTERNATIONAL CINEMATOGRAPHERS and FILMMAKERS CONFERENCE (AICFC) is a product of AFRICA CINEMATOGRAPHY INITIATIVE - ACI (sister project of : AFRICA CINEMATOGRAPHY FESTIVAL-ACF), designed by TESOsolutionX, as a conference where Cinematographers, Filmmakers, Directors, Actors, Broadcasters, Producers, Guilds, Stakeholders meet annually to upgrade and update Filmmaking in Africa, Professionals, Filmmaking businesses, budding young cinematographers/filmmakers into the industry, and networking for the sustenance of cross-cultural wealth-creation in the African creative market; it's also a platform to unify and network Cinematographers/Filmmakers, broadcasters, media houses/agencies; and to institute a continental association tagged - Africa Cinematographers/Filmmakers Society. The AICFC will also annually host Technology Expo, Film Expo/Analysis, Entertainment and Creative Design convergence, covering topics from arts, crafts and science to ushering contents and films from Africa into the global market.

The AICFC will annually be welcoming people from all works of life and culture who seek a deeper understanding, upgrading and updating of the filmmaking in Africa; and after the 3rd edition, cross-continent-hosting of the AICFC will begin.

Setting the pedestal that will enhance Africa films to become globally competitive with constant upgrading, updating and wider networking of cinematographers and filmmakers through a continuous development fora, advancing the arts, crafts and science of cinematography in promoting the highest standards of visual storytelling; and complimenting filmmaking by defining octopal streams of income from the business and corporate communities with cinematography
Synergizing and promoting the utmost relevance of a cinematographer/filmmaker in Africa, to the corporate and business communities; initiating a mortgage-scheme for purchasing of video-tech equipment with manufacturers, for cinematographers/filmmakers in Africa; and to foster negotiations between all governments, ministers of culture, guilds, producers, directors and stakeholders to protect the content, rights, remuneration and visual integrity of the cinematographer/filmmaker’s production.
To constantly advance the arts, crafts and science of cinematography, filmmaking and bringing Africa cinematographers together on a societal platform annually for upgrades, updates, film expo, learning new ideas for counterpart markets, exchanging ideas, learning/discussing new techniques and promoting films and contents from Africa.
Annually, focusing on drawing knowledge from experiential and academic teachings on cinematography/filmmaking, creating viable networking and promoting films from Africa; and connecting filmmakers/stakeholders in Africa to the global market. Four main approach: Teaching cinematography/filmmaking from films analytical experiences Teaching broadcasting and new media technologies Africa Films Expo: production, projection and film marketing New Filmmaking Technologies Expo.

The AFRICA INTERNATIONAL CINEMATOGRAPHERS & FILMMAKERS CONFERENCE (AICFC) 2019, is an annual development summit that is targeted at hosting Cinematographers/Filmmakers from across Africa, featuring an exhibitory platform for modern technology, wide-range of networking, film expo analysis and creative design convergence. Objectively, AICFC will constantly expose new ideologies, exchange ideas, draw knowledge from experiental and academic teachings, learning/discussing new techniques and technology expos; promoting films and contents from Africa.